Sunday, September 16, 2007

First Annual Boston Palestine Film Festival :: Sept 29-Oct 7, 2007

Boston Palestine Film Festival 2007

The Boston Palestine Film Festival features a range of compelling and thought-provoking documentaries, dramatic features, rare early works (1969 to 1980), and new films by emerging artists. These films from international directors bring an honest, self-described, and independent view of Palestine and its diasporic society, culture, and political travails.

The nine days of screenings will take place at the Museum of Fine Arts, Kendall Square Cinema, Coolidge Corner Theater, and Harvard University. The festival encompasses over 40 films; Q&A with visiting directors; opening and closing parties with international directors, actors, and academics; and the US premiere of Driving to ZigZigland, with director Nicole Ballivian present.

The opening party is on Sep 29th from 8:30 pm–12 am, following the screening of Leila Khaled: Hijacker. Free admission for press at the School of Museum of Fine Arts. The party features directors, performances by Palestinian oud and violin virtuoso and composer Simon Shaheen, and live music by Aboud Albert Agha (oud and singer) and Anastassia Zachariadou (kanun, flutes), Walid Zairi (Bass and Oud), and April Centrone (Percussionist). Food by Casablanca.

The Oct 7th closing reception is from 9:30–11:30 pm at Casablanca in Harvard Square. This reception includes food and some festival directors, actors, and speakers.

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